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Why am I not drunk yet


In honor of Autumn coming soon, here are some happy dogs that love the fall weather are aren’t afraid to show it. Have a great day everyone.

My beer is the closest I’ll come to making out tonight. Is it sad that I’m not disappointed

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Matthias Clamer

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Matthias Clamer

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So excited for AHS *please just be better than season three oh for the love of god just a little better and also please change Kathy bates’s accent before I lose it*

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Finally deleted my kardashian app and I can feel a weight lifted from my shoulders


All I want is education, and I am afraid of no one
Malala Yousafzai

I used to be like scared of walking into 711 and shit when I was really high. Now I’m walking down the street in Richmond and I see some cops and a handcuffed dude and I’m like “I kinda wanna ask them what’s going down” dope

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dont let teachers tell you that college professors are aloof/apathetic because this morning my physics professor walked in with a snickers bar and a mug of orange juice and said “always eat a breakfast of champions, also would anyone mind if i moved the midterm because im too lazy to write it tonight”

After reading about gender-bias and conversation dominance in the classroom, I asked for a peer to observe a physics class I was teaching and keep track of the discussion time I was giving to various students along with their race and gender. In this exercise, I knew I was being observed and I was trying to be extra careful to equally represent all students―but I STILL gave a disproportionate amount of discussion time to the white male students in my classroom (controlling for the overall distribution of genders and races in the class). I was shocked. It felt like I was giving a disproportionate amount of time to my white female and non-white students.

Even when I was explicitly trying, I still failed to have the discussion participants fairly represent the population of the students in my classroom.

This is a well-studied phenomena and it’s called listener bias. We are socialized to think women talk more than they actually do. Listener bias results in most people thinking that women are ‘hogging the floor’ even when men are dominating.


Lets not forget this joke was made before the UN actually decieded to do this

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